Industrial Fastener Cleaning

Whatever your fastener cleaning needs, JPG have a tailored solution that will meet your budget.

J&P Group has a proven track record in delivering an industrial fastener cleaning service to Aerospace Industries.

Our automated cleaning facility is unique and enables J&P Group to offer an unparalleled service within this very specialised field.

Our state-of-the-art robotic facility offers a sealant removal process from a variety of customised types of fasteners including the following:

  • Wedgelocks
  • Lisi pins
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Dowels
  • Torqued tooling

J&P Group also offers a service of Inspecting and Sorting fasteners prior to delivery back to the customers site. Offering this service ensures that the integrity of the fasteners is maintained and fit for purpose.

Since the facility was introduced back in 2011 there have been in excess of 82 million fasteners through the cleaning process with an average of 1 million passing through the facility each month.

2019 Case Study:

Recently J&P Group was contacted with regards to assisting a customer with an issue they were experiencing with consumable nozzles with a ‘caustic salt’ contamination.

The issue was that the nozzles in question were becoming contaminated which was either causing complete blockages and therefore resulting in wastage of the nozzle or that the nozzles were being affected with a reduction in spray flow.

By running a selection of nozzles through an initial trial cleaning process, we were able to see that J&P Group could offer a solution where we could offer a cleaning process which would incorporate:

  • Collection from site
  • Sorting
  • Cleaning
  • Rebuilding
  • Delivered back to site

As a result of this initial clean J&P Group demonstrated not only an immediate improvement on the spray flow of the nozzles but also resulted in the nozzles becoming ‘recyclable’ in terms of the reduction in replacement tooling which was needed by the customer in their general operational day to day activities.

The reduction in operational costs and following business case has seen the customer award J&P Group an annual contract for the continued cleaning of the nozzles.

J&P Group continue to run other trials on various other types of tooling including sealant tape laying tools, transit support brackets and filter units.

Whatever your fastener/tooling cleaning requirements maybe, J&P Group can offer a solution that will meet your needs.