Client: Airbus – Broughton
Industry: Manufacture of Aircraft
Location: Broughton (UK)
Size: 6,000

Company Bio

Airbus is an international reference in the aerospace sector. We design, manufacture and deliver industry-leading commercial aircraft, helicopters, military transports, satellites and launch vehicles, as well as providing data services, navigation, secure communications, urban mobility and other solutions for customers on a global scale.

With a forward-looking strategy based on cutting-edge technologies, digital and scientific excellence, we aim for a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world.


Due to obsolescence, reliability issues and high running costs. Airbus decided that the decommission of the Ingersoll HVP machine tool was necessary. AUK decided to invest in two new Starrag machine centres to operate in the space that the Ingersoll machine would vacate once removed. J&P Group had supported this machine since it had been installed 15 years earlier. Due to our experience with this massive machine tool, J&P Groups tender to decommission was successful.


The Challenge

The project defined a requirement to decommission one of the largest metal cutting machine tools within the UK. This was a complex project that required multiple contractors working together harmoniously.

This was a large multi disciplined CDM Project, that had been planned over a long period. Removing such a large machine tool, with its huge footprint from a factory which was short on space was a large factor in the machines decommission. The removal of this machine has released floor space for two new machine tools, this will remove all obsolescence issues and increase productivity within the Long Range Component manufacture area of Airbus Boughton.

The Approach

Due to size and complexity of this project we worked in various different contractors with J&P group taking the lead with all CDM activities. Airbus wanted to utilise J&P Groups expertise of this machine tool and also our local site knowledge at Broughton. Over the course of the project we arranged all heavy lifting operations in a safe and efficient manner.

The Solution

Airbus UK had wanted a complete package of works that included; CDM, Project Management, H&S Support along with all lifting operations and scrap material removal. Our engineers and contractors worked really hard to achieve the demanding timescales Airbus had requested for this project. Consideration had to be taken into ensuring Project Plan milestones where adhered to. Shift working was employed by staff to minimise downtime.

Reasons for Ingersoll HVP Decommission

  • Obsolescence issues for critical parts.
  • Huge factory footprint.
  • Large running costs.
  • Poor machine accuracy and repeatability, contributed defective components.
  • Long spare part lead-times, due to obsolescence.
  • Part cycle times where poor due to slow maximum axis travel.
  • Pallet configuration issues.
  • Old out of date measuring systems.
  • Large number of staff needed to run machine.
  • Floorspace needed for new machine and component storage.
Ingersoll HVP Decommission

The Results

As a result of this machine decommission, two new machine will now be installed at the Broughton factory. Airbus can be confident that they will be able to produce the components they need to for many years to come. Spare parts and support will be readily available if required. The machines will better meet new Heath, Safety and Environmental requirements.

Floor Space

Floorspace now readily available for new machine tools and component storage.


Guaranteed technical support of components and systems for the new machine tools.

Environmental Factors

The removal of this asset has removed some HS and environment factors that had been an issue with the Ingersoll machine. I.e. the production of coolant mist.