ASEA Press – 200,000 Cycle Service

Industry: Manufacture of Aircraft
Location: Brough (UK)
Size: 1,000

Company Bio

BAE Systems have an outstanding heritage of manufacturing world class jet combat aircraft. Having celebrated their centenary year of manufacture in 2016, the Brough site has overseen the development and manufacture of numerous aircraft, and to this day remains the home of the Hawk, jet of choice for the Red Arrows display team.


With a heavy production schedule across two sites, and just two specialist ASEA presses responsible for the entire workload (acting as backup for single point failure for each other), extended service work on either press provides a challenge to BAE Systems. With a required 200,000 cycle service needed, it was imperative that this run smoothly and adhere to the required schedule. As trusted engineering support to BAE Systems, J&P Group were appointed to carry out the physical work.
Red Arrows

The Challenge

With no engineering support, the company responsible for designing and manufacturing the press were unable to undertake the project of servicing. With no OEM route to turn down, BAE Systems requested J&P Group undertake the project. Following inspection, it became clear that as an older press, many of the bespoke parts had become obsolete and could pose an issue. Additionally, many of the specialist tools required for the work had been lost or damaged beyond repair since issue of the press.

With a tight timescale for the service work dictated by production requirements, any unforeseen issues stood the potential to blow the schedule wide open.

The Approach

Due to the criticality of the technical aspect of the project, J&P Group engaged with Quintus (OEM designers) to provide advice and technical support to assist with our engineers.

It was decided to utilise a team of six engineers (mixing mechanical and electrical bias) in partnership with a Quintus technical engineer to undertake the physical on site service work.

ASEA infographic

The Solution

BAE Systems wanted a supplier capable of managing their legal requirements for a CDM project, the technical knowledge required for the task, and who could provide a comprehensive service they could place their trust in on a production critical piece of equipment. By partnering with Quintus Technologies for machine specific technical support, J&P Group were able to put forward a proposal accepted by the customer to perform the full service in a safe and time efficient manner. With safety a paramount issue for BAE Systems, planning the work which included two heavy lifts (each in excess of 14 Tonnes), confined space work with chemicals, and working at height with overhead cranes in operation, personnel safety was highlighted as the customers number one priority.

Original Machine Condition

  • Approaching 30 years old
  • On the outer limits of acceptable parts compliance testing
  • In need of scheduled 200,000 cycle service
  • Operator safety systems due to be inspected and tested
  • NDT testing required to determine condition of press components

Following Service

  • Machine compliant for quality and service
  • Identified problems noted during the service (leaking ancillary high pressure pipes etc) repaired or replaced
  • Full NDT survey/report suppled as part of the service
  • Operator safety systems serviced and tested for full operation
  • Pressed parts tested and found to be well within acceptance limits

The Results

The press was up and running with a slight over-run on schedule owing to unforeseen circumstances related to the issue of bespoke component degradation. Based upon a 30 day schedule, the equipment was fully assembled and back in customer production in 34 days.

The conduct and professionalism of the J&P Group team on site was universally praised, and the manner in which the project was handled keeping the customers management team informed on progress, and ensuring the safety of all personnel in the area was highlighted as excellent in the project review.

As an added bonus, as well as enhancing our reputation with BAE Systems, based upon the experience of working with J&P Group on this project, Quintus have requested a working partnership with J&P in order to support their own customers across the UK.